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Digital Garden is a brand & creative technologies consultancy based in Soho, London. Helping people & businesses flourish through ideas, technologies & interactions

Digital Garden offers human-centred brand and customer experience expertise with award-winning creative & digital insight. Living and breathing a people first approach to business transformation we're able to help our clients solve brand identity problems and achieve more through creative technology.

What we do

Some recent case studies
What we did

Digital innovations programme including a quick-win mobile first web design and an interactive on-boarding and student engagement app with location-based and user-generated content to bring to life the complete university experience.

What we did

A mobile first redesign and re-platforming for the global licensing brand - revolutionising the way the team approach digital channels offering 24/7 monitoring, analysis and improvement implementation.

What we did

A complete digital platform transformation – the first utility business on using an open source CMS.

What we did

We created a unified and easy to use platform that all local markets could use to adopt the CEOx1Day programme and help create a global brand that students around the world could get to know and get involved with.

What we did

We helped Thames Water strategically educate it's customers on what not to pour down the drain. From planning through to design and development, this is a lovely example of a connected media marketing and thought leadership campaign.

How we do it

Discovery. Ideation. Creation. Beyond…
Research & analysis

We pride ourselves on really getting to know the roots of a problem or opportunity ahead of forming any solution.

Strategy & ideation

What really gets us going is developing joined-up communications, driving the right reactions and ensuring everybody wins.

User experience

Our bespoke UX framework is our tried and tested way of helping our clients develop a better performing product without risking missfire.

Creative design

We are creatively driven, never allowing the technology to constrain the solution. Beauty and excitement in spades.

Technology & development

We are technology agnostic, and deft at delivering and supporting ground-breaking technical solutions on any device or channel.

Content strategy

Critical to the end-to-end service is working with clients to create and continuously develop the most engaging content.

Data security

There’s an ocean of bad people and data in the webeshpere. So data navigation and protection is top-dog in both our planning and maintenance.

Who we are

The home team
Freddie Creative Director
Catherine Ann Strategy Director
Alex Brand Specialist
Tania Production Manager


No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. Robin Williams