News May 15, 2002 - Joe Venezia of AT&T presented the best ideas to come from AT&T's nearly 15 years in the business of rule-based staffing to the New York chapter of IHRIM. more..
dgStaff is a rule based applicant tracking system designed to meet the requirements of businesses with many jobs to fill and many potential candidates. dgStaff supports the entire staffing process from planning openings to signing up new employees. more..  
Implementation Case Studies

March 1996 - A regional telephone company (ARTC) was relying on a hodge-podge of legacy systems. to support an enterprise with 60,000 active employees and 12,000 jobs to fill each year. dgStaff was implemented in two phases to meet ARTC's needs. In the first phase, external applicants for all occupational positions were processed. dgStaff features provided significant improvements in workflow, and introduced the capability of reviewing the history of returning candidates. more..

September 1999 - In its second phase, dgStaff implemented ARTC's union contract terms that govern the placement of existing employees in new positions. The terms include complex rules about seniority, skill rating, and movement between business units. more..

May 2001 - A global telecommunications company (GTC) with more than 50,000 employees, had implemented a new web based applicant tracking system provided by an asp. The system was failing because the asp could not handle the volume of candidates and the complex staffing rules. dgStaff was implemented to replace the asp. more..

Rule Based Staffing For many companies the staffing process is controlled by rules that ensure the equitable treatment of all candidates. These rules may be codified in a union contract or in company policy. dgStaff supports the entire staffing life cycle in the context of your business rules. more..

Internal/External Candidates The best candidate for a job may be a current employee. dgStaff processes applicants from within your company and the outside world. The result is an applicant pool that contains the best of your internal and external applicants ranked by criteria that you establish. more..
Staffing History It is not unusual to process the same applicant multiple times. dgStaff maintains a history of all applicants and staffing activities. You can process a pre-qualified applicant more quickly and cheaply, and you can avoid processing one who was previously disqualified. more..
Listeners Applicants who do not find a match in your openings may not return. dgStaff provides a listener facility that notifies potential applicants when an interesting job has been posted. This Listener™ facility not only shows the job's qualifications, but includes a link to that job on your dgStaff–powered web site. more..
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